Greetings from CoCo
Party favors is our specialty. We make party favors for your four legged friends!  Toys,treats all for fun! 
The holidays are almost here don't forget our four legged friends!
Being a family-owned and operated business, we’re able to offer you that personal touch you’ve been looking for, Plus  we have a Coco and know how important it is to make them feel special.  

At Greetings from Coco, we care about our customers.   We want to partner with  you to make fun great memories.  We put our heart and soul in all that we do.  From party favors to gift baskets! 
Gifts we create
  • Christmas blankets
  • Christmas Baskets 
  • Welcome Baskets for New arrival puppies, kittens, all furry friends
  • Feel better gift bowls
  • Birthday Gifts
  • Joint Gifts for owners and their pets 
  • Party favors for pets and their owners and friends
  • Personalized Ornaments  
  • Personalized Books
  • Memorial tributes              email us at
Supporting sad Occasions: 
  • Pet Memorial gifts - Including remembrance gifts honoring your pets
  • Letters from heaven 
  • Plaques 
  • Prayer Cards
  • Preservation
  • ​Support for grieving 

Our welcome basket has everything that your new arrival will need, Bed, toys, blanket, treats, wee wee pads, small frame, note pad and ​more.

feel better gift - clear wrap- in a dish  dish-stuffed toy-treats and a feel better poem

Birthday gift basket -toys, outfit, hat, treats
and more personalized for your special poch. 

Description of contents of gift baskets will vary, each are customized for your pet. 
Coco is CEO of Greetings from Coco. She is treated like royalty because she is the Queen.   Summer Marie takes extra special care of Coco just like we take care of our customers!
Holiday Gifts for your pets
We are party planners for your pets!
  • Holiday Gift Bags
  • Christmas Treats 
  • Party favors for pets
  • Party favors for People
  • Treats for all
  • Decorations
  • Catering available 
Email at:  718-646-0020